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“Proud to give the Baileys a review. Baileys has been servicing our vehicles since I was a single Mom in 1991. They have always been reliable and knowledgeable and fair to deal with. Wow! in the big time with a Web page and everything!! lol!”
– Mary N.
“All but my first car have been to Bailey's at one time or another, starting in about 1994 with a Ford Escort Gt that needed a new head. After that, they diagnosed and fixed a bad motor mount on a 1990 Probe that Ford Dealer service in Texas had diagnosed as a bad half shaft (and charged me for). After that, it was a Mazda 6 with misfire problems. Now, it's a 2000 ZX3 that is my baby, and it ONLY goes to Bailey's.”
– Matthew P.
“I dropped my 2001 Silverado off in the drop box at night. I wrote on there that if the A/C system was going to be a big repair, I wanted the entire system replaced. They basically had a blank check for the A/C system. I got a call just an hour after they opened the next day saying it was done. They simply replaced a Shrader valve on the low side, and replenished Freon. WOW! They could have made over a grand on me, but just replaced a small part! My entire family has used their service for decades....this is a big reason why.”
– Douglas G.
“I have a 2000 Ford mustang and it had been stalling out all the time. I have taken it numerous places to get it repaired but to no avail. However, when I took it to Bailey's, they not only diagnosed the problem and repaired it overnight, but did so in a professional, honest way that I have not seen in a lot of mechanics. They also charged me a lot less than I expected and were very knowledgeable and upfront about what was to be done. I will definitely be using Bailey's in the future and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for honest car work in the future.”
– Reese W.
“My family and I have used Bailey's for a decade or so. They seem to do work a lot cheaper than anyone else. They always work me into their schedule if I need an un-planned repair. One time, weeks after a repair, they called me: "We overcharged you $20 by accident, I wanted to call you and let you know we are refunding the money to your card" I would have never known that they overcharged me $20. It was a very honest thing they did, and I was impressed. Pretty much the only auto shop I trust.”
– Yellowpage Review
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